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Excerpt:Blind Ecstasy by Desiree Holt
Fantasy discreetly stood in the north side of the city, an adobe structure with a red barrel
tile roof. It sat squarely between a one-story office building and another Spanish-style building
housing a home design firm. The difference between the three structures was that Fantasy
owned all the property behind it to allow sufficient space for parking. Visitors entered through a
canopied door at the rear of the building.
The limo deposited her right at the canopy, the driver opened her door, and she slid
across the seat. She pressed the doorbell set into the adobe and swallowed hard to steady her
nerves. When the heavy carved wooden door swung open she stepped into the oak-paneled
reception area on legs suddenly slightly unsteady.
“Good evening, Miss Johanna.”
Lila, the greeter, smiled at her.
“We haven’t had the pleasure of your visits for some time.”
Jo smoothed her hands down the flimsy material of her dress.
“No, I’ve been, uh, somewhat busy.”
“Well, we’re certainly glad you’ve chosen to celebrate your birthday with us. Your sister
has made all the arrangements. I trust you’ll find them to your liking.”
“One can hope,” she muttered.
“Excuse me?”
Jo pasted on a smile.
“I’m ready for the festivities to begin.”
“I’m positive you’ll enjoy the evening planned for you,” Lila smoothly said. “Let’s get
your purse into a locker.”
She lifted a hand and beckoned.
“Jason? Our special guest is here.”
Special guest? Jo frowned. Exactly how special? She wondered if she’d regret agreeing
to this. Her palms dampened and her throat was suddenly dry. She might have turned and run
back out the door, but Jason gave her a warm smile. Black leather pants and a vest outlined a
husky figure that was solid muscle. His long blond hair was intricately braided with a thin silver
rope and hung down his back nearly to his waist. He was a familiar face to her, a dungeon
master with whom she’d interacted many times.
“Happy birthday, Miss Johanna.” He grinned at her. “We’re happy you’re spending it
with us here at Fantasy.”
“Thanks, Jason.” She gave him a weak smile. “I think.”
“Miss Kira was very specific about tonight’s arrangements.”
He winked, took her arm, and led her down a short hallway to the room where people
stowed their possessions and clothing before entering the club.
When Jason reached for her purse she tightly clutched it, overcome with a sudden urge
to turn and make a break for the door. But the tall man placed his hand over one of hers and
gave her a reassuring squeeze.
“I know you have some reservations because you haven’t been here to play in a long
time,” he told her. “But let me assure you, tonight will fulfill your greatest fantasies.”
Jo had plenty of misgivings, considering the man of her fantasies had disappeared off the
face of the earth. Could she actually be with another Dom in a place where she and Sean had
been completely intimate and explored nearly every aspect of BDSM?
Yes, you can.