Copyright © 2016 Marianne Stephens
   Some images from:
Excerpt: Wicked Hot by Tina Donahue
Showing them Lust was against every regulation and would probably have Patience in
chains or boiling oil when Satan found out. She didn’t care. At the restaurant entrance, she
called Deidre on her smartphone. “Hey, it’s me. I won’t be back till my next shift.” Twenty-one
glorious hours from now. “The orientation’s taking longer than I thought.”
“I don’t understand. It takes precisely fifty-two minutes to do the tour. How does that
compute into a full shift? You know bathroom breaks aren’t allowed during work.”
If anyone took one, Satan deducted two years from vacation pay. He sucked. So did robots.
“Yeah, I know. How about this for computing? Handle my work. Got it?”
“I’ll need a better answer than that.”
“How would you like a virus or maybe switching places with Lisa in Golosità’s? Dealing with
snarling demons, not the poor slobs who stagger into the waiting room and let you do
whatever you damn well please to them, while they do you?”
“Have fun.”
Patience intended to. First though, she should dress the part.
“Guys.” She sashayed to them, flaunting her hips and boobs as she never had. “Before we
go, what would you like me to wear?” Cuffs? A blindfold? Slave collar? Manacles? Ball gag?
Since the sexual revolution, she’d pictured herself in each.
Noah smiled roguishly. “Skin.”
“And your fluffy bush.” Scott stroked her mound.
Pleasure rushed through her, along with sudden doubt. “I have a confession.”
Noah’s face went taut with worry. “Is this going to cost you more vacation time? Do you
have enough to handle it?”
“It won’t cost anything. That’s not my confession. I’m not…that is…you see….”
With each hesitation, they leaned closer.
Needing air, she stepped back. “I’m a virgin.”
Scott’s mouth fell open.
“Hey, it’s not terminal.” More like frustrating and lonely.
“You poor baby.” He pulled her into his arms and rocked right, left. “We’ll be careful. Won’t
we, Noah?”
“You bet.”
She pulled away. “Did I say I wanted that? I’ve waited an eternity for this. I know what goes
on between men and women. I’ve seen X-rated movies, read erotic romances, watched reruns
of Playboy After Dark, fantasized every single-”
Scott’s steamy kiss and probing tongue cut off her words. Someone moaned. Might have
been her, she wasn’t sure.
Despite the nearby diners, Scott and Noah tore at her clothes, tossing them aside.
She was naked as the day she’d been born, hot air brushing her damp cleft.
Scott grinned lewdly. Noah’s complexion was past maroon. He looked ready to burst.
She hoped that was good. “You like?”
“Hell, yeah.”
“I’m not too curvy?”
Scott rested his hand on her belly and grazed her delicate curls. “You put fertility
goddesses to shame. You’re perfect.”
“Everything we need.” Noah cupped her breast. “Wait. There are a few things we might
Lisa was promptly at his side holding a large tray. On it were a black leather collar and
cuffs, nipple rings, a feathered mask with eye openings, several gold chains, a spanking paddle,
and a leather strap that was sinister yet sexy. “This is on the house. Consider it your dessert.”
The guys whistled, their bulges swelling. They went to work, decking Patience in BDSM
finery. Finished with adjusting her mask, Scott suckled her nipples. Outrageous delight rippled
through her. Once her tips were super taut, he secured the rings. Noah fastened the slave
collar around her throat then ran the gold chain through the front ring and the ones on her
Lisa tapped the tray. “Don’t forget her pussy.”
“Right.” Scott grabbed that ring and stroked Patience’s clit.
She shot to her toes, pleasure threatening to tear her apart. “I-I-I-”
She clenched her teeth.
With one hand planted on her ass, he held firm and worked her nub. Lights flashed behind
her lids. Her limbs went rubbery. Breathing wasn’t possible. Her climax broke, slamming so
much pleasure into her she collapsed against him.
Noah stroked the furrow between her cheeks. After spreading them, he probed her anus.
Cheers rose from the restaurant, the diners shouting, “Do her, do her, do her!”
Patience’s skin burned from excitement not embarrassment. She clutched Scott’s vest for
support. “More. Everything. Please.”
“Where’s the elevator?”
“Why? We can play here. The crowd seems to want that.”
“Maybe, but the second circle would probably be better.”
She kissed him for his suggestion and rushed through the hall.
Noah grabbed her arm. “Hey, we lead. You follow.”
Right. They were her Doms, she their sub. “Yes, Sir. But I do have a request.”
The guys exchanged a glance. Noah looked down his nose at her. “That’s not usually
allowed with submissives. What exactly do you want?”
“Get naked. Both of you. Please.”
Scott dropped to one knee and licked her cleft. She staggered back. Noah caught her
before she fell. While he held tight and played with her boobs, Scott fastened the ring to her
labia then ran the chain through it. Back on his feet, he leaned down to her. “Follow us,
“Aren’t you going to get undressed?”
“When we’re there. Until then, we’re parading you around nude. Showing everyone you
belong to us and submit to whatever we desire.”
He was preaching to the choir.